Anti-Snap Barrel Locks Perfect For Composite French Doors

If you are planning a Christmas holiday, then you can go safe in the knowledge your home is going to be thief proof.

The use of anti-drill pins, stainless steel bullet zero pins, brass pins and a stronger spring underneath the number 10 pin for extra resistance to bumping makes these locks the most secure on the market. Do not worry about your lock being picked, drilled or bumped by having an anti-snap barrel lock fitted in your door. If you are thinking about replacing your lock with a more secure version, then it is definitely the one to choose and if you are thinking about replacing your door altogether then make sure that you choose a composite door complete with one of these locks.

French Windows and French DoorsThey both act as a deterrent to any potential burglar and although this will not guarantee that your home won’t be broken into, it will go a long way to making sure you have a safe and secure time this winter.

It pays dividends to take a lot of time to decide the locking mechanism on French Doors, especially if they open inwards. It is much easier for burglars to apply a lot of pressure to try to force the doors to open inwards – much more difficult to try and pull a door than push it.

If you unitise multi-point locks, then they engage at many points around the frame and this will help secure even the inward opening designs against forced entry.

The other element to consider is the way the glazing is locked into the door frames – this is usually done by clicking window beads into place around the edge where the glass meets the door frames. If you leave them on the outside, it is possible for a burglar to remove them, so fit them to the interior side of the doors. Learn more about French Patio Doors here:

French Windows and French Doors
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