uPVC Residential Front Doors

Double Glazed Doors Prices and Design CluesStylish, practical & secure, uPVC front doors will make an excellent improvement to your property, enhancing the look, improving security & also saving energy. This type of door is known for being very difficult, if not impossible to open by intruders even when they apply severe force.

They are fitted into a reinforced frame which keeps the doors aligned properly and when you think that the average front door is opened & closed thousands of times every year, the frames need to be able to take a lot of loading.

Design Options

Upvc front doors have many advantages over even the best soft & hardwood doors, outlasting & outperforming them easily, especially when it comes to important factors like weather resistance, long life, energy efficiency, low maintenance and security.


This type of uPVC door (www.doubleglazeddoorsfitted.co.uk/cost-guide-for-double-glazed-doors)has 2 separate sections for the top & bottom half of the door, the top section can be opened independently of the lower section and is perfect for added ventilation without having to fully open the door – a classic “farmhouse” look.

There is also a selection of styles & colours to choose from, including side or top panels, wood effect finishes.

Glazed sections can be fitted with toughened safety glass with low emissivity (low-e) double glazed window units.

Popular Features

  • Security glazed section (up to 28mm laminated glass unit).
  • Multi-point locks: latch, lever or pad handles with cylinder guard.
  • Choice of door furniture.
  • Flush fitting frames and weather seals.
  • Wood effect, silk or smooth finishes (choice of colours).
  • Adjustable threshold height for wheelchair access.
  • Steel reinforced frames.
Double Glazed Doors Prices and Design Clues
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